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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome Change

O.K. so this has nothing to do with Comics. But I feel this is important.

Watching as Barack Obama officially becomes the President of the United States of America, I am profoundly moved. I look forward and with hope to a world where we respect each other, regardless of nationality, ethnicity, or faith. We are all citizens of Planet Earth. We are all members of the same race: Human.
Certainly we may not all agree on every issue. But I hope we can agree that all of us deserve and are entitled to fairness and justice.

One of the most wonderful things about the internet is it's ability to cross the boundaries of geography and allow people of different nations and cultures to learn about and experience each other. I am touched by the warmth of the good people I have been fortunate to communicate with through in Italy, to name just one of the international forums I enjoy. I love the world communities that flourish in cyberspace (I just had to give them a shout out ;D). They just go to show that we have much more in common than we have real differences.

To my fellow Earthlings: I sincerely wish the best for all of us, together.
Peace, and respect to you all. Wherever, and whoever you are.

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