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Thursday, June 12, 2008

First Installment Block Done!

Well, it is a little weird for me to reflect that the Sgt. and Prof. have only been online for almost three months. Not that it seems longer in a bad way. My sense of time is highly subjective and I've pretty much been living the Sgt. and Prof. since the semester ended. For my mid-life crisis I decided a degree in a subject I am unlikely to make a living using (biology) was a better idea that a trophy wife and/or sports car. More expensive though.

Anyway, I've been agonizing over the format of the comic site. I really like the 'elevator' format where one does not have to click to get to the next page, but I worry that it gets out of hand after to many pages. So I am putting in installments blocks of 18 pages. The first will be complete as of Monday the 16th of June 2008. The next installment is where we get caught up with how the Sgt. and Prof. came to be in this situation. A bit of a lull in the action as characters get introduced, situations are clarified and the heroes get to catch their breath.

Have no fear. The action will resume quickly.