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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Back in action

My computers are all back in action again! Hooray! 
What kind of Hell would be most appropriate for the sociopaths who would create and release malware? Such behavior seems akin to random violence of a sort. 
Maybe if they could spend thier afterlife feeling little spiders or tiny crabs crawling about in their skulls eating bits of their brains as they go. And worms too. 
Whoa, back away from the dark thoughts G.L.! 
Sorry, about that.  

I'm crunching out the layouts for chapter two and doing my best to integrate the faces of the fine folks who have sent photos of themselves to appear in the crowds. It adds a layer of challenges trying to have these faces big enough to bear some resemblance to their owners, while not detracting from the flow and focus of the story. A whole lot o' fun though. It looks like I'll have to spread them out over more pages than I originally anticipated, so some of you who sent me pics may have to wait a while to see what sort of 'dehumanizing' I've done to you to fit your face into the alien world. I'll be letting you know.

To end on a much brighter note than I started this post: I just became a twit (got a twitter account) and have been following Levar Burton. Damn if he doesn't appear to be one of the coolest, genuinely nicest people on the planet. Thanks, Levar, for continuously demonstrating that there really are a fair number of solidly good, caring folk. Good people rock.

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