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Friday, April 11, 2008

Early feedback

I received some very nice words from Waru over at COMIXtalk:

"Wow. The Sergeant and Professor looks awesome. Looks like a cool world with original, neat creatures and characters. I wanna read more, but why aren't there more pages of it!? Please continue. Kinda confused as to why the sergeant is in the professor's plane. Wanna learn more. And who's the sweet blue dude? Nice artwork, too. Nice job."

I'm glad about the confusion, really. So long as it isn't frustration. The characters are confused here and things are happening pretty quickly. These questions and more will be answered.

As for the admittedly lame release schedule, I am compelled to keep a buffer of completed pages handy just in case I need a breather or something else keeps me from posting. I am working to figure out the best schedule I can commit to. I don't miss deadlines. I plan for blocks and such.

That said, I do have a bunch done and will probably be able to increase the rate of release within a month and still feel pretty comfortable there won't be any interruptions no matter what happens.

Thanks again, waru, for the compliment. I WILL increase the release rate!

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